Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Backtrack - New Song/Preorders

A few weeks ago, I posted about the new release that Backtrack dropping. Well they released a new song of that LP 3 days ago. You can listen to it here. Reaper Records also put up preorders for the release. This record is will be destroying record players/car speakers for awhile. Be sure to pick it up when it drops.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bent Life Signs to 6131 Records

Bent Life announced they have signed to 6131 Records and will be releasing a 7" early 2012. Stoked that more and more bands are getting recoginzed that are from the Midwest. Check these guys out. They are rerecording their demo and that will be the 7". It will destroy all speakers when you got it rotating on your record player.They recently put it on tape off of Lost Time Records, but it is already sold out. For now, download their demo at the link below.

Agress and Long Lights Last Show

So if you are from the Midwest, you probably heard of a band from Cedar Falls, Iowa called Agress. They recently announced their last show on October 14th along sides of Long Lights(their last show as well), Expire, Diamonds R 4Eva, Black Ice (first show). This show is gonna be at Cedar Falls. If you are from the Midwest, this is something you cannot miss.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Out Crowd/Written Off Split

Both of these bands have been hitting it off lately. Out Crowd and Written Off have recently released their split on tape off of Like Glue Records. Like Glue has already sold out of this tape, but Written Off has a few up on their bigcartel. You need to check these bands out and their releases. Out Crowd has their demo on tape off of Ghetto Josh Records that is also sold out. Out Crowds demo was one of the best demos I have heard so far this year.  Written Off has a 7" off of Iron Mind Crew, but that is also sold out. Links to all these records are below. Every single song by both of these bands is amazing. I can see both of these bands staying around for a long time. Both of these bands come for the South so both of them will be going up and down the East Coast whenever they can. Go out to a show, pick up a tape or record and jam out.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life Of Agony

Although pretty much everyone can use youtube these days, this is a little gem that should be watched. Life Of Agony - Underground in '93.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Backtrack - Darker Half

Backtrack is getting ready to release their debut LP entitled "Darker Half". They dropped a song off that record almost a week. You can listen to it here. It will keep your head banging till you can get your hands on the rest of the record.

Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss Goodnight

Trapped Under Ice have recently released more info on their 2nd LP "Big Kiss Goodnight". It is going to be released on Reaper Records like their last release "Secrets Of The World" was. The vinyl version will be coming out on Reaper Records and if you are still buying cds, you can pick up the cd version over at Good Fight Music. They have two tracks up that you can download and listen to. The tracks are "Born To Die" and "Jail". You can listen to the track "Born to Die right away, but with the song "Jail", you have to tweet about their record to download it. If you don't have a twitter, well too bad I guess. Anyways, TUI will releasing this sometime in early October so make sure you pick this up right when it drops. It won't disappoint you.