Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Nightmare/GUTG Reunion Shows

American Nightmare/GUTG just released that they will be playing two shows at the end of the year. One on December 29th in Boston and the other one on the 31st in LA. American Nightmare broke up in 2004 and have yet to reunite until now. Tickets aren't all sale yet, but they will be avaiable for purchase on Saturday, October 29th. With all the response this reunion is getting, don't be surprised when these shows sell out in a few days or even hours. American Nightmare/GUTG was a band to many that represented all their emotions. You could put on a record and relate to it from start to end. I believe that's one of the many reasons why everyone is stoked for them to reunite. Or it could do with the fact, that AN just fucking rules. Mark your calendars, because these shows are gonna be nuts. None of the other bands have been announced yet too, so expect for another "holy shit" moment.

You buy tickets here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Expire Signs to B9

If you didn't know already or live under a rock for the past 2 weeks, Expire has signed to Bridge Nine Records. After their release "Suffer The Cycle" off of Six Feet Under Records, B9 took a liking to Expire. With the constant touring that the dudes in Expire do and dedicated to the band, Expire is an easy fit on the B9 roster. They will be recording their debut LP soon that is to be released off of B9. This Midwest band deserves it the most. They made people start looking at Midwest Hardcore closer and kept people interested in whats going on in the Midwest. That's just one reason why they deserve being on B9 besides all the heavy riffs they make. They are going on a Europe tour with Foundation at the end of the month through most of November. Even though this band blew up,  expect that when their LP drops everyone will be talking about Expire.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ivy League - New Song/Tour/Preorder

Ivy League from Midland, Texas started their fall tour yesterday and will be touring a bunch of dates in the Midwest. If you know they are rolling through your town, make sure you go check them out. They recently signed to 6131 Records and as of today, they have their 7" ready for preorder off of 6131 entitled "Summer Sessions". Pick up that as soon as you can and download their debut 7" here. 6131 also put up a new song off of "Summer Sessions" called Daybreakers. You can listen to it on their bandcamp. I expect a lot of things from this band in the future so make sure you check them out, go to a show and pick up a record.